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One of the older Neutral common cards in Splinterlands is being highlighted in the Share Your Battle Challenge this week. This is the Elven Cutthroat.

What immediately comes to mind is the resemblance between the Elven Cuttrhoat and the Uraeus which is one of the newer reward cards. I would argue that the Uraeus is actually much more powerful given that both are neutral cards that cost 3 Mana and have 2 attack with sneak. The Uraeus has some armor and the Poison ability against which the 2 extra speed from the Elven Cutthroat doesn't stand up. It is inevitable as more cards are being printed that some of them become very similar. The Elven Cutthroat is not a card I personally own at a higher level while I do consider getting my Uraeus to level 4 for sure knowing I would use it quite often in my decks. Especially the poison ability makes it so that it is not a must to play 2 monsters with sneak ability to be effective.

I did use the Uraeus instead of the Elven Cutthroat for this battle which had game rules reversing the speed while giving all monsters blast. The Daria Dragonscale summoner works perfectly for this as it gives +1 Melee which came in handy with the low-speed monsters Spineback Turtle / Uraeus / Parasitic Growth. I put the powerful Lord Arianthus in 2nd place anticipating some Snipe damage and the Crustacean King along with the Mantoid in last place.

It was one of those matches where it showed that having a wide collection to choose from is often better than just having a handful of cards at a higher level. Being able to select all monsters with low speed really paid off in this one and the Uraeus did quite good helping me win the battle quite comfortably.

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Nice job on the win, I agree that having a bunch different style card low mana magic range can help over having a few power cards

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