Splinterlands | Pirate Captain Challenge

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Anither common beta set card from Splinterlands is being highlighted this week in the Share Your Battle Challenge. This is the Pirate Captain.

The Pirate Captain certainly is an interesting card as it has 2 ranged damage for 3 mana already at level 2 and also adds the inspire mechanic at level 6. Especially under specific game rules it tends to do well since it has snipe damage which shines when monsters get the blast ability and it's also useful when getting the snipe daily quest. I personally mostly use it in low-medium mana matches since it works well with some of the Water Melee cards which all get boosted by +1 damage while the Crustacean King protects the card with some extra armor.

I played this match sub-optimally completely neglecting the reverse speed rules which is one of the reasons why I lost the match (aside from the fact that Max Level Heroes are played by opponents in Diamond League). I played a setup heavy on Melee attach with monsters that can attack from any position. The problem with an 'extreme approach' like this is that there is a danger of it being countered. In this case the armor and the Torns from the opponent didn't allow me to get much going. I played 4 small Mana Melee monsters with the Spineback Turtle, Electric Eels, Sabre Shark, & Parasitic Growth followed up with the Crustacean King to give everything armor and some heal. The Pirate Captain came in last to give everything a +1 Melee damage boost.

I guess there are 2 main lessons to be learned from this fight in that you generally want to keep a balance between melee-magic-ranged attacks and you are better off playing higher mana cards including a furious chicken in lower-mid mana games as it basically gives an extra card for free.

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