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An Epic Neutral card is highlighted this week in the Share Your Battle Challenge for Splinterlands. This is the Gem Meteor

There are many cards similar to the Gem Meteor that are cheaper in mana cost or that just have better stats which makes it so that this card specifically needs to be used for the Scattershot Ability which bypasses the Taunt ability and also works well when all monsters get the blast ability from game rules. The other great thing about this card is the 5 speed and you really need to have it at least at level 4 where it gets 3 damage. The fact that it's a neurtral card also slightly puts it in more situations where it potentially can be used.

Some of the similar-type cards that I personally rate as stronger in most situations compared to the Gem Meteor

I did play this card in a speed-oriented deck designed for the opponent to have a lot of misses.

I played my Sthispa summoner making it so that Magic attack of the opponent can miss especially in case my opponent would play a magic Earth Deck. The Venari Knifer as main tank isn't that strong but the speed along with the fact that all monsters got the snipe ability made it just good enough. I should get that card to level 7 where it gets 1 extra health. The Void Dragon in 2nd position was mainly played in order to get a ton of misses from cards that got the snipe ability. The Spirit Miner also is a must play card in a deck like this giving all monsters +1 speed while nerfing the opponent with blind. The Regal Peryton is another very high speed monster and the Gem Meteor kind of fit into this deck. In the last place, I played the Javelin Thrower which also has high speed with the Dodge ability.

A total of 13 misses by the opponent while I hit every single target made it into a fairly easy win at the end.

Full Battle Replay

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nice work

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Dragons are so amazing on the battlefield.