Splinterlands | Shadow Snitch Challenge

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This is the first time that a Chaos Legion card gets featured in the Share Your Battle Challenge for Splinterlands. It will be a great way to get to know these cards. This is the Shadow Snitch.

There is not much to say about common cards generally other than that they are filler cards to be included in packs. Usually, they are rather underpowered and very similar to other cards out there and this is not an exception for the Shadow Snitch. There are always specific rules in Splinterlands that can make any card into the most powerful one and I guess this is also the case for this one. If Only Death is allowed with game rules where the maximum mana cost is 4 or something like that.

This card also fits into a line of cards that tend to be underpowered for regular use even at higher-level and all these 2nd pace Melee cards don't really perform that well in the average game. I would argue that the manticore is the strongest which also is an epic card.

I got 39 regular Shadow Snitch cards and 2 golden from the 353 Packs I bought. The golden is put to use on my alt account and I haven't bought 61 extra cards to get the one on my maim account to Level 6. I guess I will in case the prices on the market drop some more even though it is already quite cheap to have it at higher level in your collection.

I played a match with the Shadow Snitch which by no means was the optimal choice and I even overlooked the earthquake ruleset. Regardless it would not have mattered since the gap in power between me and my opponent was just ridiculous. I played the death Splinter with the Haunted Spirit followed by the Shadow Snitch and the Parasitic Growth because of the no armor Rules. The Spirit Miner added some Magic Attack and gave all other monsters +1 Speed. I finished my line-up with 2 good Ranged Monsters in the Twisted Jester and the Octopider

So yeah, this match shows once again the main issue Splinterlands has as the most extreme pay2win game that never really gives you a sense of achievement as a player which is such a shame as there is so much potential for it to actually be a fun game that wouldn't need the earnings for players to play it.

Full Battle Replay

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