Splinterlands | Chaos Knight Challenge

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Another Share Your Battle Challenge in Splinterlands that highlight the new Chaos Legion Cards . This is the Chaos Knight...

This is a common card that is quite cheap at 0.07 for a single edition meaning you can get a Level 5 for 4.20$ or a level 6 for 7$ which makes it worth to have in your collection as it certainly does have its use under the right game rules. There is the rule where Melee Monster can attack from all positions or all Melee Monsters to have Sneak attack also if No Magic is allowed this one is quite strong with the Shield ability. So overall it's a card strong in specific situations and not a must-have card but given the price it's nice to have it in your collection. I did buy my way up to 60 cards combining it to level 5 for this challenge and likely will get it to level 6 at some point.

The match showcased how my opponent chose the Chaos Knight while I went for another (more optimal option). The game rules only allowed Melee monsters which makes the Life summoner quite suited as it has Armor or Shield based from the summoner which is really powerful in this case and enough solid Melee Monsters. I opted for the Shieldbearer in first position with Shield and Taunt followed by the Sacred Unicorn to absorb possible blast damage with the heal ability. In 3rd and 4th place I went for 2 powerful sneak monsters in the Silvershield Assassin and the Sand Worm. The War Chaang offerd some ranged damage while the Silverhield Knight in the back protected against Sneak damage while buffing all Melee Monsters with +1 attack. My opponent opted for the equally expensive Chaos knight.

Overall it was and easy win because my opponent played too many cards that could not attack and I had more options available (Pay2Win).

Full Battle Replay

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Good stuff

Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia