Splinterlands | Time Mage Challenge

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I love to see Chaos Legion cards being featured ine the Share Your Battle Challenge in Splinterlands which again is the case this week. This is the Rare Life Time Mage...

The main weakness of this card is its low health which makes it just too vulnerable to play unless the game rules are very specific. The one rule you need in order to play this card is "Little League" where only cards up to 4 mana are allowed to be played. In combination with the +1 Armor or Divine Shield given to each monster from the Summoners. The Rust ability at level 5 is also nice to have in this situation along with the 2 Magic Damage and slowing down the enemy also is a nice bonus while it also has a high speed itself.

I don't have this card which costs 0.36$ for a single leveled-up to level 5 on my main account owning 13 single cards. I do have a gold foil on my alt account which I recently used in this battle with the Little League ruleset...

I liked the Tyrus Paladium life summoner for the armor ability which costs 1 mana less compared to the Kelya while it also has some good 4 mana cards. The Crystal Werewolf as main tank has ok health and speed for 3 mana. I followed this by 2 more Melee monsters that were alble to actually attack in the Sunkai Harvester and the Parasitic Growth. I followed those up with magic damage from the Time Mage and 2 Backline Ranged attack monsters in the Venari Crystalsmith which provided some tank Heal and the Peacebringer which has a big 3 damage for 4 Mana.

My strong backline with the 3 Damage and Heal ability pretty much won this match along with the always present pay2win mechanics in the game since my cards and summoner were higher-level than my opponent giving me a clear edge in card stats. It was closer that it could have been though mostly because the Kelya Summoner is so powerful.

Full Battle Replay

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Just fully upgrade it. Seems too cool for 4 mana.

Unfortunately, I don't have unlimited funds and need to pick my spots. At this moment in time, the Time Mage isn't making the cut.

i know, i am getting there, and while i would like to take few more to max level, is getting harder. i am thinking to stop spending it and try to save for a validator node. but it is expensive.

This monster is great from Novice to Champion league. I use it often.

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