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One of the older less usesul Splinterlandscards is highlighted this week in the Share Your Battle Challenge. Here is the Animated Corpse.

A card like the Animated Corpse shows how common cards from a card pack set are mostly 'filler cards' that nobody really uses all that match aside from the couple exceptions to this rule. I would say this is not a card anyone really needs as the combination of cost, health damage, speed, and ability. In the extremely rare case of game rules where only cards that cost 4 Mana or less can be used and only the death summoner allowed this one comes in handy. In any other situation, it's not really any good. Make it so that one of the games today had exactly this situation in which I did use the card. This is the result...

Having enough 4 mana cards comes in quite handy with these specific game rules. I played the Animated Corpse as main tank, the Undead Priest which is only a 2 mana card in 2nd place followed by the Venari Bonesmith as one of the new reward cards in 3rd spot. The Parasitic Growth remains quite a useful card and also the combination of the Haunted Spider & Twisted Yester remain quite solid as a backline.

It looks like my opponent had to go with starter set cards which made him leave with no chance in this match.

Full Battle Replay

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Yes indeed the best use of this card is at 4 mana rule battles.❤
But I didn't know that it have a splot magic ability.

at level 4 it has that ability yes, I would say it doesn't do all that much as the lower mana battles have less Magic in them generally. Still every extra ability helps.

This could be helpful, thanks for the info...


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