Splinterlands | Mycelic Morphoid Challenge

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More Chaos Legion action for the Share Your Battle Challenge in Splinterlands this week. This is the Mycelic Morphoid...

The Mycelic Morphoid is one of those very cheap must-have cards that is really useful for pretty much every player. There is no need to get it at a higher level than 3 which also makes it nice to have as a golden foil card (0.9$ now).

The Thorns ability for 1 mana cost makes this card so great as it is excellent to act as a card to both block some initial damage in first or last place. That is pretty much it for this ward and there is not that much of a power gap between level 3 or higher levels and many of the different levels actually don't add any stats to the card. It was easy to have a game with this card as I'm using it quite regularly in ranked battles on both my accounts.

With game rules where only Melee Damage can be used the Mycelic Morphoid is sure to give some Torns damage and I put it in first place. With 15 mana total to be spent, I opted mainly for low mana cards that have decent melee attack from any position. The Brownie helped to give all cards +1 Damage and +1 Speed and both the Screeching Vulture and Parasitic Growth +1 Health along the way. I also played the Uareus and The Furious Chicken in last place to potentually block Sneak Damage.

In this match, the Poison Ability from the Uareus made all the difference as the Demoralize and Heal Abilities of my opponent really limited the damage I was able to do once my Brownee was killed. The extra health from the Scavenger ability also did a lot.

Full Battle Replay

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