Splinterlands | Dragons Challenge

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This is the 3rd time in Splinterlands since I started joining the Share Your Battle Challenges that Dragons are the main theme.

The Daria Dragonscale still is my favorite Dragon Summoner even though the new Chaos Legion set clearly introduced some Power Creep with an identical card for 4 mana that also has the +1 Health for the Fire Summoner. Right now even though there is a big demand for Chaos Legion packs, it looks like the flood of new cards on the market is pushing the prices on the market quite a bit. I guess more new players were anticipated to come in but this has slowed down quite a bit. The good news is that getting to Silver for new players has become a lot more affordable again.

Dragons are always great when one of the game rules is Earthquake as it has plenty of monsters with the fly ability. I used the Furious Chicken as a block in first position followed by 2 Melee attack cards in the Gloridax Soldier and the Manticore who don't have the highest speed. The Fallen Spectre remains a good legendary card that is useful in these types of matches. I finished the line-up with 2 ranged attack monsters in the Twisted Jester and the Fire Spitter.

The match turned into a fairly easy win and I guess it was one of the first times playing against a Dr. Blight card. Lately, I have been putting a lot more importance onto the Speed Ability which kind of feels overpowered knowing that the chance of opponents missing your target increases quite a bit.

Full Battle Replay

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