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One of the older beta cards of Splinterlands I never really used is being highlighted this week in the is being highlighted this week in the Share Your Battle Challenge. This is the Stone Golem.

The Stone Golem is one of those cards I never really liked mostly because the damage it does is not that spectacular while the 6 health is very vulnerable toward Magic Damage. I guess in a match with no Magic Damage allowed and slow rules that have low to medium mana it might be worth it, but overall I wouldn't say this is a card that is played all that much.

I did just for the occasion play the level 1 I have on my alt account but the opponent pretty much countered my deck and the 1 melee damage is pretty useless to begin with

One of the things I don't really like about Splinterlands is that it forces players to play sub-optimally mostly to complete the daily quests which make them feel like an obligatory grind. (I might do a post on that later this week). Completing this battle challenge also had me just play sub-optimally even though It was always going to be hard against the torns ability from the opponent. I played the Stone Golem, the Screeching Vulture and the Brownee in this match where no Heal and only class cards were allowed with 12 Mana to spend.

The fact that I only had a level 1 Stone Golem certainly didn't help but it would not have made the difference.

Full Battle Replay

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forces players to play sub-optimally mostly to complete the daily quests which make them feel like an obligatory grind.

This is VERY true. When I'm doing my daily quests, I always have to chose "do I want to win, or do I want to do the Daily Quest?" as usually the best strategy to win is NOT doing the Daily Quest (eg playing a different splinter, specific cards, etc.).

In the other hand, the daily quests bring more diversity to the game; otherwise, in Silver 99% of the players would be playing Alric + Venari Wavesmith or Bortus to counter Alric.


Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd