Splinterlands | Radiated Brute Challenge

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Another Chaos Legion card that is being highlighted in the Share Your Battle Challenge in Splinterlands this week. This is the Fire Common Radiated Brute...

The type of cards for me that are by far the least attractive and also generally show poor results in the limited cases where they fit the game rules are 5 Mana Melee Class card with the reach ability. The Radiated Brute is one of them and it is not one I played or plan to buy combining it to a higher level (yet).

I do already own the Gian Roc which arguably is the slight better card which I used in this battle challenge instead.

The Exploding Dwarf with High Speed, High Damage, and the Blast ability is one of the best cards for the Equalize game rules as the 1 Health weakness is not an issue. The Giant Roc I added more just for this challenge and I likely wouldn't have played it making another choice instead with a monster that has some armor. The Serpentine Spy also suits these game rules given the fact that it can attack from any position while having high speed and damage. Both the Beetle Queen and the Tortisian Chief acted as Tank Heal to try and keep the Exploding Dwarf alive. In the backline, I choose another high-speed monster with Blast ability in the Fire Elemental

It turned out into a clean sweep against an opponent who had a higher level summoner and cards. The double tank heal for me made all the difference in this match combined with the fact that the health came from the highest health monster of my opponent.

Full Battle Replay

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