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Another card of the new Chaos Legion set is highlighted this week in the Share Your Battle Challenge in Splinterlands. This is the Lava Spider

This card is another example of how Common Cards mainly are there to fill packs and how many of them are just a slight variation of cards that are already out there. The Lava Spider in this regard is a worse version of the Fire Beetle from the Beta Set. The 1 Speed extra and the snare ability which isn't worth much replace 1 Extra Health and 1 Armor of the Fire Beatle which I see as a way more useful card. I did play the Fire Beetle instead of the Lava Spider in this challenge match as I right now have no intention to combine the Lava Spider to a higher level.

These cards are most useful in battles with a lower mana cap where all monsters get the last ability given that they have Snipe. Aside from that, the Fire Beetle is a much better card for the last position given the fact that it has 1 armor that protects against Sneak Damage.

I opted for the Legendary Grum Flameblade as my main tank even though I only have it at Level 1 and it's one of the cards I'm looking to get to a higher level. The Fineas Rage remains a good 2nd place monster with high speed and lots of damage especially against monsters with no attack. I put in the Flame Monkey as a way to restore armor and the powerful Sand Worm to do some serious sneak damage. The Fire Beetle was placed along with my Cornealus as backline monsters.

Woth my opponent playing 3 cards that could not attack each round, it turned into a fairly easy win even though my own line-up wasn't exactly the most optimal I could have played in the situation.

Full Battle Replay

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I don't know, Grum did not seem to be such a good card, even if looks cool. I they do not use magic, is average.

I like the bloodlust ability as those Gladius cards who have it are so Overpowered. I guess the fact that it's a front-row tank makes that a lot less effective. I'm still tempted to buy some of those cards and level them up

Works well with a taunt, actually, and some repair/heal combo

I wonder how Grum will work with 2 healers, armor repair and a taunt last card. Need to test it.

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