Splinterlands | Wood Nymph Challenge

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The weekly Share Your Battle Challenges for Splinterlands keep going in 2022 and I continue to join them with pleasure. This week it highlights the Wood Nymph...

The Wood Nymph is an old reward card that is somewhat a must for Earth Decks since it has the healing ability. Especially in lower mana fights it often can get combined with the Flesh Golem to make a strong combination with double heal. The Strengthen Ability at level 6 also is worth quite a bit. It used to go for just a couple cents back in the days where everyone was earning too many of them but now it has a price of 4.25$ for a single. The reason for this is that it is a very versatile card that can be used with all kinds of rules.

The match rules only allowed even mana cards and gave all monsters the maximum health. Having a monster that heals tends to be worth a ton in these matchups and having 2 or 3 does even more. The Wood Nymph & Khmer Princess both provided heal to my Chain Golem tank which was protected against all types of damage making it so that the opponent needed a crazy amount of attack in order to potentially kill it. The Oaken Bohemoth in 2nd place even at level 1 provided double damage and the Cornealus also had a ton of heal. The Furious Chicken in last place was just there to absorb sneak damage.

Heal and having cards that actually attack made all the difference in this match which turned out in a clean win.

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Earth elemental cards in the arena are very powerful.

Thanks for sharing! - @cieliss