Curangel curation compilation June 19, 2023

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Welcome to the daily compilation post of the Curangel project

Here we highlight the posts picked by our curators, providing you with a resource to discover content worth your time, and maybe even your vote!

Curator @anggreklestari

Curator @brumest

Curator @crazy-andy

Curator @equipodelta

Curator @ewkaw

Curator @fmbs25

Curator @galenkp

Curator @jotakrevs

Curator @minismallholding

Curator @nikv

Curator @riccc96

Curator @romeskie

Curator @tazi

Curator @the01crow

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Thanks for the support @galenkp @curangel

Thank you so much @galenkp! 🌞

It was totally worth the time and effort. 😀

Or perhaps the aliens did it. 👽

Those pesky aliens are always popping up where they're least expected...sometimes their shenanigans return pleasing results though.

Lost sock, it was the aliens, spilled drink, the aliens did it, someone forgot to water the flowers or overdid the watering, the aliens, forgotten keys, wallet, tickets, it was the aliens. Or is it that we're all aliens and that we have no clue what's going on and we're all just pretending to be "human"? When we see another alien on the street and don't know that they're alien too and we're thinking: Just act normal, say something normal people would say "HeLLLLoooouuu!" Shitfuck I overdid it. Say something more to make my words great again! "I'M NOT AN ALIEN!" There. That should do it.

Yeah, those aliens get around don't they! They even make me eat too many snacks at tomes, don't ask me how...just blame the aliens.

Hmm, you might be onto something there, maybe we're all aliens...there's certainly a few who look it...and a few I wish would fuck off to their own planet!

Thank you very much for your support @galenkp

No worries, a pleasure to support you.

Thank you so much @nikv and @curangel for the support and feature of my streetart post 😊👋🏻 much appreciated.

Happy Tuesday all 😎

Thank you team @curangel and @romeskie.. 🥰😘

Thank you for mention and support my content @jotakrevs and @curangel :)

Thanks for support and curation my post @nikv @curangel 🥰

thank you very much!

Hello @curangel. Thank you so much for including my freewrite story to your curation complication. I appreciate the manual curation from @anggreklestari and am pleased that my story was of interest.

Thanks for the support from both of you. Take care and have a good rest of your week.

Thank you very much supported me ♥️🙏

Gracias mi gente bella de @curangel y mi apreciada de @equipodelta por su apoyo y visita.

Saludos especiales a @equipodelta . Agradecida con el equipo @curangel . 💐🥀🌺🌷🌹🎈

Many Thanks @anggreklestari & @curangel !

I appreciate your kind support.

Thank you so much @equipodelta and to @curangel for the support

To the entire @curangel team, thank you for the support and appreciation!

Thank you for the support @curangel and curator @anggreklestari

Many thanks to @curangel and @equipodelta for their support.


@jotakrevs and the @curangel team, a sincere thank you for the curation!

thank you 😍

Wow what a list of curators and posts to explore! Now I have my ready for the day set out.

I really have to settle back into curation engine mode after vacation season. Always loved what we have done with curangel for so long now.

Thank you for including my post in this curation!

Thank you very much for your support @curangel and @nikv


thanks Curator @riccc96 :)

Thank you for the feature and support, have a great day!

Thanks for the support

Thank you much for the support @nikv and @curangel

Always an honor to get some Curangel love, give thanks brumest.

Thank you so much @jotakrevs and @curangel! I truly appreciate it!

Thanks a lot @curangel and @crazy-andy for your support 🤗